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Heaven vs. Hell

For this idea, you need the following supplies:

1 piece of red construction paper
1 piece of blue construction paper
1 piece of paper which says Heaven
1 piece of paper which says Hell
1 package of sticky dots
Ziploc bag of pinto beans
Lots of space
2 tables

Before students arrive:

1) Tape down the heaven and hell signs on 2 seperate tables, tape the blue and red construction paper over them.

2) Affix sticky dots on the floor, in one line if at all possible approximately 1 foot apart

When the students arrive, have them sit at a third table.

What to do:

1) Have kids stand on a sticky dot.

2) Hand one person the bag of beans, on the end. Explain: I want you to pass these beans and take one out, when I call stop, you stop. People who did not get one, sit at the red table and people who did get one, sit at the blue table.

3)Time until it gets half through, then tell them to stop. People who did not get a bean, sit at the red table and people who did, sit at the blue table.

4) On the count of three, one person from the group lifts up the red or blue paper.

Questions to ask:

1. How could your friends have not gotten sent to hell.

Optional: Beforehand, you may want to have 3 or 4 students to whom you know it will be passed, the “refuse” to accept the gift.

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Prayer Request Box

To do this you need to work with a Christian organization in a local public school such as FCA or First Priority Club, it also helps if the school has a family atmosphere… such as small size and Christian faculty…

The concept is to reach kids where they are, without fear of embarassment. What I was allowed to do at school as FCA President, was put up a “prayer request box”. This is a metal box that is on wall, where anyone can drop in prayer requests on small slips of paper, and drop them in a locked metal box.

At the end of each day, myself or one of our FCA Leaders takes out all slips. Then we have a weekly meeting to pray specifically for each person on the slips of paper. It has worked awesome so far!

People probably won’t disrespect it, cuz they have an automatic respect for what it is… prayer.

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