Yard Sale & BBQ Sandwiches

We did this fundraiser just a few weeks ago and it did really well. About 4 weeks prior to the yard sale start asking members of the church to bring any items they would like to get rid of. We then had a room designated where they could drop off their items. We then had the youth sign up to bring plates, napkins, chips, soda, onions, choppped bbq, etc.
We chose a Saturday morning to hold our sale. We placed an announcement in the local paper and hung signs all over town. Then, instead of pricing each item individually, we had tables set up on the covered sidewalk outside with one price for that table. (ex: 5, 10, 15, 25 cent table, etc). We had the youth sell tickets for the bbq beforehand for #3.00 per plate.
This included a sandwich, chips, soda, and the extras. We also brought enough to sell to the public. Even though it rained, we still collected over $400.00 in one day. The items that were not sold were taken by van to women’s shelters and apartment complexes in town. The youth loved every minute of it, and the money is going towards their youth camp fund.