Coffee & Dessert Night

Invite the Youth and/or other people in your church congregation to make and donate desserts for your evening. Invite the Youth (or others in the church if whole church event)to come up with short acts, musical pieces, poetry reading, video presentation etc. make sure you censor them. Schedule the performances throughout your evening and in between each act allow quiet music to facilitate conversation. Have junior members act as waitresses and waiters. remember to organise some kitchen staff. Invite your church fellowship, friends, family and/or your local community and advertise it as a drop in coffee and dessert night with either a donation for the dessert and coffee of their choice or a cost per dessert. Remember to put on your menu Mystery Dessert for the more adventurous and serve them whatever you have heaps of or something arranged earlier that isn’t on the menu as a surprise. This activity brings the generations together whilst raising funds for your Youth Ministry.