Blindfolded Initiative Task

First you blindfold all the youth and tell them they are no longer allowed to talk ‘or else’. Then you whisper a different number to each of them. The numbers can be any range, we threw some minus numbers in once, they don’t have to be consecutive, (ex. 1-2-3..), you could go -4 -3 -1 -1 0 2 4 4 7 8 9 13 17 40… and so on, depending on how hard you want it to be you can spread the numbers out, or make em’ close, with no negitive numbers.

Without talking or being able to see the kids have to put themselves in order from least to greatest. Some times this goes on for a long time and most kids give up and just sit down. At this point you can take off the blindfold of one of the kids who’s actually putting effort into it and let them have their sight, yet they still can’t talk.

Once they think they’ve completed it, go through the line asking them their numbers. Once they have successfully completed the task, have them sit down and ask them how it made them feel. You will get a range of answers like frustrated, or angry. Then you can do a little devo about how, it’s like how we are sometimes lost and we can’t see where we are going in life. And when people come along and try to pull us or push us different ways, and we are afraid to trust them, or we just want to give up when things get tough. Or sometimes we are holding on to something we think is safe and the right thing, but maybe God has a better place for us. It’s hard to let go. God is in control and He see us and is with us even though we don’t realize He’s there. You can go other ways with this too. It’s just an example of a debrief we used.