Marianne Wilson

Ping Pong Hockey

You got a youth group with a lot of hot air? When they need to take a break and let some energy out… try this one. Depending on the table you use, get the youth to gather around the table. Place a ball in the middle. Hands behind the backs, have them blow the ball off the other side of the table. Soon they will get light headed and tired… back to the meeting.

Selling Shares

This idea was the only way I could have ever afforded my first mission trip. If your Youth Group has a specific event they are raising money for, this is an excellent idea. The idea is to get people to sponsor the Youth members by buying a share of the project. A good price is $10 a share. Each person receives in return a “share” with an invitation printed on it. For shares, make paper bricks or certificates. The invitation is for a Thank-you dinner a few days after the event has taken place. The Youth should plan and prepare the dinner for their guests. At the dinner, show slides, pictures, video, and allow the youth to tell stories to the group about their trip. It is important to ask neighbors and others in the community to be sponsors, it is surprising who would sponsor you. Anyone who reaches their goal can put extra sponsors to another member in the Youth Group. This fundraiser allows the youth to decide if they want to earn the whole or part of the trip without the problems of people who go along for the free ride enthusiastic members pave. Some people may sponsor by providing food for the dinner or other services needed for your trip/event… remember to invite them to the thank-you dinner!!!