Airplane Olympics

Give each child printer paper or other thin paper that will make sharp creases when folded. Have them make different airplanes ( a good idea is to check out some books on paper airplanes from the library to use as guides, particularly for younger kids)

Once each child has made a variety of airplanes, lead them to the Olympian arena (should be set up before hand)

The first competition will be to test Aim: A large bull\’s eye can be painted, drawn or made with hoops on the ground. The object is to get as close to the center as possible. Let kids know very slim streamlined planes will work best for aiming.

The second competition will be to test distance: each child lines up on a line and throws their plane(s). Whoever\’s plane flies farthest wins.

The third competition is to test Endurance: Each child will fly their planes one at a time and be timed on it. Whoever\’s plane stays up longest wins. Tell kids that the planes with the most surface area generally stays up longer.

As a tie-in, you can use each competition to exemplify a virtue of Christ:
1. Aim: Walking with Christ means always staying true to His ways and words and aiming to be like Him above all else.

2. Distance: Sometimes as Christians we have to go the distance by doing things we\’d rather not because they are the right thing. Discuss some times the kids had where they had to go through a tough trial that seemed to go on forever.

3. Endurance; Sometimes, it is easier to go with flow and do what others are doing instead of sticking out and working to do the Christlike thing. Talk with kids about how enduring hard times when it is so easy to turn is a good thing, and how it can result in great things. Try using personal examples to drive the point home.

For prizes, you can do low-cost items or maybe allow the winners to pick out ice cream flavors for an ice cream social to finish the event.