World Food

We did this last year at a sleepover and I thought it was really good. This is good in a large room. Have everyone (even leaders) take off their shoes and go do something, (a quick service or talk or something) just before dinner. Set up a small table (for dinner) with only two seats at it. Put on a fancy table cloth and centerpiece (the whole works) Set another table to hold about 8. Don’t put a tablecloth on it. Take two pair of shoes and put them on the chairs of the fancy table. Take 8 pair of shoes and set them on the chairs of the regular table. Throw the rest of the shoes into an open area on the floor. Have everyone come in and sit down with their shoes. Serve pasta and their choice of drink to the people at the small table on elegant china. Bring the people at the large table sandwiches and pop. Bring in a huge pot of rice and give everyone with their shoes on the floor a cup to fill with rice (no untensils) you can, if you want, have “river water” (water mixed with coke) for a drink for them, in the same cup. People will start getting jelous, and thinking it’s unfair. Explain this is how the world really is to show how many people only have a cup of rice a day. This is a good way to tell people they have lots to be thankful for. (You may want to order pizza later, but don’t let anyone know)