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Making a Difference (Children)

This quarter in Kid’s Church we have 13 weeks to study the Twelve Disciples…Each biography of our Disciples is put into a book for the children along with Disciple songs like “Fishers of Men” “The Disciple song-He has called us too”,etc,printed out so they will have a treasure to keep after the studies are over. Their own biography and photo included. The 13th week we always have a party…this quarter we are having an upper room party (thanks to ideas from your site). It will include singing the twelve disciples song “He has called us too” while lighting tea candles that surround a large white candle in the center of the circling little candles. We also plan to play the TrainWreck2 game because we have been talking about how we have a lot of things in common.
Also Jesus uses us (just the way we are, as He used His Disciples) to share the Good news with others.Two large tables for the kid’s to sit at while they share rice krispies treats and punch. And a Pentecost Skit to watch, filmed by home camera. The format is like a reporter in Jerusalem interviewing people in the street, Peter explaining what is happening, and mockers. There is an anchorwoman and reporters telling the world that the whole city is turned upside down with the baptism of the Holy Spirit sweeping through the lives of the new believers. We also make up invitations for the children to give to their friends to come to the party. It is a lot of work but we have a lot of fun and the children are really getting the Truth out of the lessons God has given us to share.

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