Narnia Dodgeball

Facilities: gymnasium with a suspended track around the top to play (make sure there are as few things out on the floor as possible: i.e. no tables or chairs).

Supplies: 8+ four square / dodgeball balls.

I created this game when the movie came out, and our students can’t get enough of it. Divide students into two, somewhat equally athletic teams. The rules are the same as dodgeball (don’t cross the middle line; if you catch the ball the thrower is out; if the throw bounces it doesn’t count; if you are hit you are out). Here is where it changes. One team picks an Aslan and the other team picks a white witch (gender is irrelevant for the game). Aslan and the white witch ARE allowed to cross the middle line. However, the game is over when you take out the other sides leader, NOT when everyone is out.

Each team also has three griffins, just like in the movie, for up on the suspended track (make all the balls start on the floor). They can cross sides, but cannot take each other out. However, if their ball is caught down below, they are out. The ground troops can try to take out the griffins, but it is REALLY hard. Also, only allow one guard within three feet of the leader (a wall of guards makes the game drag on forever) and don’t let the leader hide in or under something (like a trash can or a table). DON’T TELL THE PLAYERS THIS, but the best way to win is for a brave leader to run across and take the leader out on the other side. It’s risky and doesn’t always pay off, but is an AMAZING climax for the game.