Led By The Spirit Balloon Game

We used this idea as an activity for one of our youth meetings. It provided a valuable lesson on being obediant to the Holy Spirit.

Do not explain the purpose of the activity until after everyone has had an opportunity to participate.

This activity is not as easy as it sounds.
Blow up several balloons (enough for everyone to have their own). Have everyone line up at one end of the room and hold the balloon over their heads. On the signal to start, they are to let go of the balloons and place their hands behind their back while keeping the balloons aloft by blowing on them. They must propel their balloons to the other side of the room.

The activity is hilarious to watch and the point of the lesson becomes clear when they are told that they are represented by the balloons and they themselves are the Holy Spirit trying to direct a disobediant believer towards the goal of sanctification. It allowed for a wonderful discussion afterwards and several of the youth indicated that they needed to be more obediant to the guiding of the Holy Spirit.