W.I.F. (Water in Face)

Have all the youth grab a chair and make a circle. You will need a pitcher of water and one cup. (Cold Water works best!!) Pour some of the water into the cup and select a student to be it. Tell the student to think of a topic, for instace I will use the topic “States of America” for the example. After the topic is announced to the kids, have the student whisper to you something in that is in the topic (for example, since the topic is States of America, the word is California). Once this is established, the youth who is it will go from person to person, as they have to announce something for the topic. Since “States of America” is the topic, the kids will name of states; Arizona, Montana, Washington… and so on. When a student says the state that the kid holding the cup of water is thinking of, they can throw the water at their face (hence water in face). Getting water in your face can happen three ways; first off if they name the topic that the student told you. Second, they repeat something that was said (for instance if someone already said Arizona and down the line another kid said it, the WIF). finally, if the youth runs out of ideas and doesn’t say anything, begin a countdown and if it hits 0, water in face. The game is a blast and my kids totally love it, especially my Jr. Highers, have fun with it.