This is really a rhythm game. First you have to have a bunch of cups, plastic are best, and give one to each youth. Have them sit in a circle on the ground, and put their cups in front of them with their hands on it. This is how the rhythm goes: la de dah, la de dah, la de dah de dah de dah, and then from the beginning again. The youth group goes, “la de dah”, and while they are saying this, they pass their cups to the person to their left. Then, “la de dah” again, and again they pass the cup they have to the person on their left. Then, they say, “la de dah de dah de dah”. When they are saying the first 3 syllables, they put their cup like they are giving it to the person on their left. But they keep their hand on it, and say “de dah” and put it back in front of them. Then they say “de dah” again and put the cup back in front of the person to their left. Then they repeat the whole thing again. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, and the kids love it. One more time, the rhythm: la de dah, lah de dah, la de dah de dah de dah. Have fun!

The Blanket Name Game

This is a good icebreaker. All you need is a good sized blanket! Divide the youth into two equal teams. Have them sit on either side of the blanket while two people hold it up like a curtain between the teams. Then each team should choose one person to go up to the blanket. Drop the blanket, and the people have to try to say the other person’s name before that person says theirs. (Go around the room before you start the game and have everyone say their name loud and clear.) Make sure everyone has at least one turn at the blanket. This game can get really funny! Have fun!


Have the youth stand in a circle. Then everybody claps in a rhythm: clap, clap, clap-clap-clap, clap-clap-clap-clap. Then you say, let’s wa. One person says “wa”, directing his hands as if he was praying, then pointing them towards any person. That person says, “Wa” and lifts their hands up above their head. Then the people on the sides of that person put their hands together and chop that person (not too hard!) in the side, and say “wa” together. After they do that, the person does what the first person did, and points his hands at someone else in the circle, saying “wa”. And then the process repeats. If anybody misses the rhythm they are out and step out of the circle. It can be a very fast-moving game, but do it slow first so people get the hang of it.