Halloween Dinner

We’ve used this supper idea with our High school youth group before they head to UNICEF during the Halloween season. Decide what your menu items will be (i.e. we had spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and pie) and then you make up names for each item of food (i.e. spaghetti, was worms, spaghetti sauce, was blood and guts, salad dressing was calf scours, you even give the silverware a name like fork, was devil’s tool, etc..even the drink is named something.) Then you make up a menu for each person and have them circle 6 items off the menu that they would like. Then you have parents or sponsors fill their plates in secrecy and deliver it to them. It was hilarious to see our youth wondering why they got 2 pieces of pie, a thing of spaghetti sauce and no silverware. Once we filled everyone’s plates and listened to their reactions, we opened up the kitchen for them to fill their plates and get silverware if they wanted. It’s a great time.