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Party Quirks

This game can be played with all age groups and a number of 4 kids or more.
Choose one kid to be the party host. Give the other kids a weird “quirk” or identity. A quirk is a strange personality or character. For example, one of the quirks could be a quickly melting snowman desperate to find someplace cold. Be creative! You can let the kids choose their own quirks or make them up yourself. (just make sure you know what quirk each child has)

Write the quirks down on paper and put them in a bowl or other container. Shuffle the pieces of paper and have each kid choose one. Then start the party. Send each kid into the designated area for the party one at a time. Give each kid enough time to hint the host as to what their quirk is. (note: the host should not know what any of the quirks are before the game begins) Keep sending the kids in one at a time. When the host has figured out (or thinks they have figured out) what one person’s quirk is, they will announce what they think the quirk is, staying in the character of the party host. Example: When the host thinks he knows that a person’s quirk is a melting snowman, he/she will say somthing like: The freezer’s that way melting snowman. (the host dosent have to get each quirk word for word) Keep playing until the host has guessed everyone’s quirk or if the host cant guess, stop after 30 minutes. Whoever the host guesses last will be the new host. Write down and pass out different quirks and then start the game again if desired.

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This game can be played with 2 to 5 kids at a time.
Write down several scenes for the group of FUNNY kids to act out. Example: A substitute teacher is trying to get a rambunctious group of kids to settle down. Then have each kid write down 1 to 2 lines or quotes. They can be from movies, music, books, or made up on the spot by the kids. Example: ” Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s LARRYBOY!!!!”, ” Who let the dogs out?”, or (my favorite)” You cant just wipe out an entire tent city then watch It’s A Wonderful Life on TV!” (dontcha just love RENT?) Then start the skit. Have them improvise the entire scene and use their lines during the scene. Example: Teacher: “Bobby sit down!”
Bobby:”No! We dont gotta do what you say! My big brother said to me this morning (look at quote): Napoleon, give me some of your tots!!”
Then continue the scene until all the quotes are used up. (NOTE: Don’t let the kids look at the quotes before they go to use them in the skit)

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