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Christian Scavenger Hunt

We divide into two teams, then give them a list with a few things on it like this:
1) Find a hill that looks the most like Calvary, then gather at the foot of it and sing “Were you there when they crucified my Lord” (or any song the kids know)
2) Go to public restaurant and sing “Go tell it on the mountain” (or any song the kids know)
3) Go to public shopping center and tell 20 people in 10 seconds “Merry Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season” (did that at Christmas time)
4) Go to a rest home and share a personal testimony with an elderly person. *** BONUS: Find someone in need and help them!
We give each team a camcorder to record all their things. Then we watch the tapes at the next youth group and judge on the original and creative way they did things.

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