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Pinata Rave

Pinata busts are usually activities reserved for young children, but I found the bust to be phenomenally successful with my high schoolers when done with a twist! Turn up the volume on some music, turn off the lights, and set up a strobe light. The strobe light provides just the right element of craziness — the “rave” aspect of the whole activity. Give your kids a bat and have them put their foreheads on one end and the other on the ground and spin around 10 times before they take their swing. Give a sponsor the task of making the pinata hard to hit. This activity is hilarious for both those hitting and watching. My kids were often so dizzy from their bat-spinning that they swung with their backs to the pinata —and sometimes landed on their backs! All of the kids really got into this activity, and surprisingly, the high school girls were on the bottom of the candy scrap pile at the end of the bust.

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