Sara Graham

Easter Caroling

While this may sound silly, our group had such a great time that some have asked for it to be an annual event. We sang a medley of Easter songs and gave each house a basket of goodies (the baskets were made from lunch bags). We also included a “happy holidays” Easter card and ended the caroling with a rousing chorus of “We wish you a happy Easter.”
It was much warmer than Christmas caroling and we found more people at home.

Scripture Video Scavenger Hunt

Before the meeting make a list of several verses from the Bible that have some kind of imagery. Psalms 119:105 is one we used. Don’t pick too many. We used 5 verses and they had one hour to find all 5.
Just list the verse name and number. Make them look it up.
At the meeting divide the youth into several groups. Make sure you have an adult driver for each group.
Give each group a list, a video camera, and at least one Bible.
The youth need to look up the verse, decide what to tape that “captures” that verse and where to go.
The driver may not help in any way.
After an appointed time, have everyone come back to the church and view the results.
We invited the parents. It was interesting to see how the same verse could be “captured” in so many ways.
My group had a blast. Hope yours does too.