Four-Way Perpetual Capture the Flag

This game is based on the idea of capture the flag. It is layed out on a field, or even a parking lot as a giant four square. For twenty kids I lay out fifteen by fifteen foot squares. It is best with four teams, but it works with three teams and even two. just change the field shape. Usea pie with wedges for three and a head to head for teams of two.

Each team needs at least five to six people. I have played this with over a hundred people twenty five on a team. Just make the field bigger and use colored arm bands for team identification. You may need to use kiddie pool, chalk the ground, or use cones for the free zones.

Each team has two objectives. Get the other teams flag, and hold onto your own. In each spuare have a hool-a-hoop which serves as a free space and a place where the flags go. Each team should have multiple flags in thier free space. I use euor-balls like in McDonalds play land. I normally put two for each player on the team so six players equals twelve flaggs (balls) You can even have the kids use their shoes or missmatched balls, plactic cups, eggs, waterballoons, whatever.

Basic Game Play:
When your in your zone you are safe. If you go into one of the other three zones your not. If you get tagged our of your zone,your frozen and your team members must save you. It is best if you have defenders and flag grabbers. If you can get to the free space (hool-a-hoop) your safe. (we play at least a foot in the hoop)

This is a perpetual game and gennerally ends when you call it. We play point totals, most flags in five minuets, or total victory where one team gets all the flags. I have never actually seen this done! but it works in principal. After each round, I have one or two players rotate to the team on their right to mix it up a bit. Have fun and enjoy this seemingly never ending game!