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Coin Drop

Place a large bank in an accessible area in your church or youth room. Make up a sign that states what you are raising money for, and the instructions to drop off those unwanted pennies that everyone has too many of. This is a great inexpensive way to raise funds for an event.
Ed. Note – Maybe make a crazy “machine” (like the game “Mouse Trap”) that the coins will drop and roll through before they get into the jar/container to interest the kids and keep everyone giving.

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Windshield Witness

Choose a date ahead of time and have the youth bring squeegees, window cleaner, and paper towels. When the congregation is in a Sunday service, have the youth go through the parking lot and wash everyone’s windshield (make sure they don’t leave streaks). Have a “business card” prepared ahead of time that says, “Compliments of (your youth group’s name).

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