Beanbag Red Rover

This game came out of desperation during our AWANA JV/Varsity meeting, but turned out to be a big hit with the kids.
Divide group into two teams, lined up shoulder to shoulder facing the opposite team, about 30 feet apart. Place a table longways between the teams, plastic top tables work well because they’re slippery. The first player on each team should be lined up with the table.
Decide which team will go first, then have the first player throw a bean bag and try to get it to stay on the table. If it stays on the table, they get to select a player from the opposite team to join their team. After throwing, whether the bean bag stays on the table or not, the player goes to the end of the line and everyone else moves up. Player selected to join the opposite team goes to the end of that line.
Continue alternating between the two teams, and enjoy the fun, until there’s no one left on one team. I stayed in the middle and retrieved the beanbags to save time and keep from having the kids run back and forth. Some of the parents even joined in when they saw how much fun the kids were having.