Joni Bennett

Connect The Hearts

I use this as the first cabin devotion when working at camp. It really shows the kids that we are connected for the week!

You will need a ball of yarn or string. Everyone must sit in a circle on the floor. Start with the person in charge, they will hold the yarn ball and tell everyone their name, age, where they live and something about themselves (you can have them tell different stuff that you feel important! I had myself and co-counsellor share our tetimonies) then when they are done sharing they throw the yarn to someone else but keep holding on to their part. Everyone shares and throws the yarn and holds onto their part of the yarn, then once everyone has gone and the last person is holding the yarn ball you all set down the string. I explained to my cabin that for the week we were together our hearts were conected and that our cabin devotions was a safe time and our cabin a safe place.

They were all free to share what they felt they needed to in the cabin and during devotions. I told them that no one was going to critisize anyone for what they felt or wanted to know and that they could always ask myself and my co-counsellor anything about GOD. They really were impacted with this connection that was illustrated and we had a lot of great devotions. I felt that our cabin was drawn closer through this object lesson about connecting hearts together.

(It also works to use duck tape and leave it on the floor all week. Just have the kids write their name on their spot. You can even sit the same way all week for devotions for a constant, silent impact.)

Wucky Ducky

For this game you will only need two things: a stuffed animal and a blindfold. Have the group sit in a circle with one person in the middle. This person will be given the stuffed animal and will be blindfolded and then spun around. When they are good and dizzy send the person off. Everyone else in the group has to be as quiet as they can. Once the person with the stuffed animal touches a person sitting in the circle they hand them the stuffed animal. The person who now holds the stuffed animal has to say “Wucky Ducky” in a disguised voice. If the blindfolded person guesses who said it those two switch places and the new person is blindfolded!