Messy Faces

Have 3 people be in a group and have one lay down. Yell the word GO! and the other 2 must make the face of the person laying down as messy as possible. It works great if you use A LOT OF raspberry syrup, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, nacho cheese, slime you can make by mixing flour and water and food coloring and of course AT LEAST 5 big full whipped cream pies the you can cover in chocolate syrup and rasberry syrup if desired. At the end the person with the messiest face is the winner. The winning team gets to pie the least messiest with whipped cream pies COVERED in raspberry syrup (prefered) or chocolate syrup. The messier the better and have fun!

Musical Pies

Musical pies is played like musical chairs except that you have the youth stand up and a pie is passed around. One pie has a green mark on the edge of the plate. If a person is holding this one when the music stops they must pie themselves in the face. Another pie is circulating and it has no marks. If a person gets this when the music stops they can pie the person to their left or right. To make it more messy put A LOT of raspberry or chocolate syrup on the pies. At the end have anyone who was not pied team up with a partner, but don’t tell them what for). The partner then hits the person with 2 HUGE pies TOTALLY covered and sticky in chocolate or raspberry syrup. The messier the better.