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Quelf! (a great board game for youth)

Tired of ordinary board games? Give “Quelf” a try. One of our youth bought this at ComicCon in San Diego a year ago, and brought it to youth group.

The board game Quelf is a hilarious game, and it’s appropriate for all youth to play. It’s a very simple board game. You pick your goofy character, and must make your way around the board to the center. You must either perform very random acts, answer goofy questions, or do silly stunts. Here are some examples:

“Every time an opponent passes you up on the game board, you must fall over, play dead, and scream, “You’ve thwarted us again, you vile beast!”

“Place a finger in one of your nostrils, start yodeling like you mean it and roll the dice until you roll three 2’s.”

“You are now the Mummy! Go get some toilet paper and mummify your face. Keep this on your facde until any player rolls a ‘4’ during their turn, then discard this card.”

Everyone in our youth group loves it, and it’s about $25.00 online (, or your local game shop can order it). Sorry if this sounds like a commercial – it really isn’t. I just know our kids love this game, and it’s really offbeat (but not mean spirited or offensive). I think any youth group will love it. Our kids ask to play it very often.

Joe G.
Bishop, CA

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