Amazing Race 2

We did a samller version of the TV program amazing race. We had 8 teams with 4 teens and I adult (driver, who had a map to each place) per team. Each team was assigned a different color. We had 4 stations set up around town (can have as many as you like, we had a time limit to do this activity in). Each team started out with a clue which sent them to their first destination (our teams were going to different destinations at the same time instead all going to the same place. Usually there were 2 teams at a place together) after they reached their destination and did their task they would receive their next clue. We kept our teams small so each person on a team had to do a task and it would not be the same person doing all the tasks. If a team player refused to do one, then their team was eliminated or they received penalty points. The stations we had set up were: 1. Watermelons weighted down in a pool. The teens had to jump in, release it from the weight, bring it to the surface, get out of the pool, find a way to break open the watermelon, and then the entire team had to eat the watermelon (we used very small ones) in order to get their next clue. 2. We used a middle school track and had the teams peddle around the track / obsticle course on big wheels. Pretty easy to do but their legs got very tired and kind of hard for some of the bigger/taller/older teens to do, especially football players! 3. Gold Fish Find. We used a kids swimming pool and put gold fish and minnows in it. The teens had to try to catch as many gold fish in a alloted amount of time with only their hands. Very funny to watch them try to catch fish that are fast! 4. Frisbee Golf. Teens had to make their way to the course, find the correct hole and get thier frisbee disk in to the hole in 4 throws. We choose a failry long hole that had lots of trees! Here are some of the clues we used: Watermelon; If you like to eat in this you’ll delight, cold watermelon and 6 fragrant tealights. All snug in it’s pouch, unpack them for flight, as they soar to the top, be ready for a feast delight!
GOLF: take a small journey to a calmer place for the men & women who love the big green for whom 9 holes is a heavenly scene. When you see this course, relax, let the rest of the world wait. Find the correct hole where your next clue awaits.
GOLD FISH: 1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish, 3 fish 4 fish gotta catch more fish, 5 fish 6 fish they must be gold fish, 7 fish 8 fish these aren’t easy to catch fish, 9 fish 10 fish stop now and count your fish.
BIG WHEEL: 7 hours a day August til May this track will last it’s fragrance will stay. This place your searching can’t really be bought, but a trip around it is what it will cost. Your legs will get tired your heart will surely beat fast, just keep on peddling around the WEST VALLEY TRACK.
At their last destination they all received a clue which sent them back to our church. When they returned that found we had rented a climbing wall from a local facility where they had to harness up and climb the wall to retrieve their teams flag.
This activity took about an hour and a half. Everyone seemed to have a great time.