Church Commandos

This game is a favorite for New Year’s lock-ins. This game will only work if your church sanctury has a balcony. Divide everyone into 2 groups. Spread different colors of Jolly Ranchers or markers across the front of the sanctuary. Designate each color as being worth a certain number of points. (Like: Green is worth 10 points; yellow is worth 1 point; purple is worth negative 20 points). Select one person to go to the balcony with a flashlight. turn out the lights in the sanctuary. The people from the 2 different teams try to run or sneak to the front of the sanctuary and grab a Jolly Rancher or marker before they get seen by the person with the flashlight. The person with the flashlight must identify them by name before they have to go back. This is a really fun game. The boys like to switch shirts around to confuse the person in the balcony. The game is over when there are no more tokens in the front. Add up the points and see which team wins. This is fun because when they grab a Jolly Rancher they can’t see what color it is because it’s dark! Everyone in our youth group loves this game!