Laura Foley

Birthday Log

What you need:
A big log

How to play: Everyone stands on the log. When the leader says to be quiet, everyone has to be slient for the rest of the game. Without speaking or getting off the log, everyone has to get in order of their birthdays from January to December. You can use your hands to signal what your birthday is. If someone crouches down, then someone can step over them more easily. When they think they have it all in order they tell the leader.

Hand Chain

What you need:
– 1 handkerchief
– a coin

How to play: Split up the people into 2 groups. Each group joins hands and gets in a line facing the other group. The leader is at one end and a handerchief is at the other end. Everyone in the 2 teams closes their eyes except the person at the beginning closest to the leader. The leader flips the coin until it lands on ‘heads’. When the person with his eyes open sees that it has landed on ‘heads’, he squeezes the hand of the person next to him and that person squeezes the hand of the next person and it goes down the line. When the person sitting at the end of the line feels the squeeze, he reaches for the handkerchief. The team that grabs the handkerchief first wins the round. Then the person who was at the end of the line moves to the front and everyone else moves down so that everyone gets a turn to grab the handkerchief. Keep score and the team with more points wins. It’s a fun game 🙂

String Circle

Split the people up into 2 teams. Each team has a circle of string. When the leader says ‘go’ everyone on the team tries to get inside the circle. The first team to have everyone inside the circle wins. You can put people on your shoulders or anything as long as no one is outside the circle.

Ultimate Frisbee

Description: A cool and less painful version of football.

What you need: a Frisbee

Split the people into 2 teams. One team starts with the frisbee. The team members scatter around in the boundaries. The person with the frisbee throws it to someone on his team. If he catches it, he throws it someone else on his team, but when he receives it, he cannot move – he has to stay still and throw it. If someone drops it while they are trying to catch it, then the frisbee goes to the other team. If it’s intercepted, it goes to the other team. Keep score and have fun.