Dilemma O and X’s

Objective: To look at some of life’s issues and to make good decisions about them.

How It Works:
Draw the noughts and crosses outline on the floor with chalk. This could also be done at the beach. Inside each of the nine squares
place a 15cm x 15cm dilemma card face down so only the blank side can be seen. Choose two players – one is a cross, the other a nought. Everyone else is the jury. Toss a coin to see who goes first. Both players are given 9 cards each, one player with X cards the other with O. The first player picks up a dilemma card, reads it out loud to everyone, then makes a decision how he/she will act. The jury then votes if the player has chosen the right action. If yes, he gets to put down one of his cards. If no, his opponent puts down a card. Keep on playing until a line has been made on the board with the same cards. Repeat with a new set of dilemma cards and new players.

What you will need:
About 27 dilemma cards
9 cards with X on them
9 cards with O on them
Piece of chalk

Suggested dilemmas:
1. In a test, you see an opportunity to cheat. Do you?
2. You find a $20 note. What are you going to do with it?
3. A blind man is having problems crossing the road. What do you do?
4. Someone at school is getting bullied. Do you try to stop it?
5. A friend gets told off for something you did. Do you own up?
6. You feel really angry. What are you going to do?
7. A friend invites you to wag school with him. Do you?
8. You get told off for something you didn’t do. How are you going to react?
9. A friend invites you to go joy riding in his fast car. He is drunk. Do You?
10. Someone you don’t like has fallen off his bike and hurt himself. What should you do?
11. It’s just started raining and the washing is on the line at home. It’s not your job to do but do you bring it in?
12. Your friends girlfriend tries to kiss you. Do you let her?
13. A wallet falls out of someone’s pocket on the street. What do you do?
14. Your girlfriend has a new outfit on. She asks you if she looks OK but you think she looks terrible. What do you tell her?
15. There is a TV programme on that you want to watch but you know you shouldn’t because of it’s content. Do you?
16. Someone you don’t like is getting beaten up. What do you do?
17. Someone you go to school with smells. Do you say anything, and if so, what?
18. You are waiting in line to be served at a shop. The person in front is $1 short. What do you do?
19. You are offered a joint to smoke. What do you do?
20. You are invited to a party where there will be alcohol on offer. You really want to go but you know you won’t be allowed. What do you tell your parents/caregiver.
21. Your friend is playing THIS game. Do you vote to help your friend or do you tell the truth in your answer.
22. You are no longer needed in your after school job but you are offered another one from the same boss but with less pay. Do you take it?
23. A friend wants you to do something and if you don’t they won’t be your friend anymore. What do you do?
24. A friend has a nasty habit of picking his nose. Do you say something?
25. You hear the conversation of two strangers on the phone when you pick it up. Do you listen to it?
26. You do a message for your mum. She gave you $20 for a bottle of milk but you saw something you really want. Do you use mums money?
27. You didn’t vacuum the carpet like mum asked you to do. It looks OK. Do you tell her you did it?