All Run

This is a fun game and the students loved it.

First, set up a line of cones at each end of the field to mark end zones. The two end zones should be far apart, but not too far. A big field will work great for this.

Second, place five hula-hoops in the middle of field. Make sure that they are equal distances from one another, not clumped together as one. Also, make sure one hoop is directly in the middle of the field.

Select one student to be the “tagger.” At the beginning of the game, the tagger will stand in the middle hoop, while everyone else lines up at the end of one end zone. The goal of the game is to run from one end zone to the other end zone without being tagged. The tagger cannot leave the middle hoop until the first person makes a run for the other side.

Once the game begins, the tagger does not have to return to the middle hoop. If a person is tagged while trying to run, that person becomes a tagger along with the first tagger. When another person is tagged, they become taggers too. The game will continue until all people have been tagged. The last person to be tagged will start off the next game as the first tagger.

This cycle will continue until your designated time is up. As for the hula-hoops: they will act as safe zones for the people who are trying to run from one end to another. If a person can make it to a hoop and stand in it, he/she cannot be tagged. Once they set foot out of the hoop, they are back in the danger zone. Also, designate someone who is not playing to call out “ALL RUN!” everyone few minutes. When this is called, everyone has to run, no matter where they are. This will keep the game moving, and keep it exciting. Have fun.