Luke Hills

Key Game

Everyone sits in a large circle. There is one person in the middle sitting on the chair. That person is blindfolded. Some keys are placed under the chair. The youth must get the keys from under the chair and back to their seat without being touched by the person sitting on the chair. If they do it they are now on the chair.

The object is to be as quiet as possible.

Space Jump

4 players. One player starts miming an every day activity or routine. A second player (or the MC) calls Space Jump and the first one freezes. Second player builds another scene based on the frozen position of the first player.

The other 2 players enter the same way. Once players 3 and 4 are in, as soon as Space Jump is called, 2 and 3 take on their positions in which they were frozen, and continue their scene. And so on backwards.

As soon as player 1 is back alone in his activity, he needs to finish it and that ends the game.

This is very humourous and a fun way for the youth to get to know each other.

Table Turnover

There are a lot of energetic kids in our youth group so we play this a lot. Get a decent size table in the middle of the room. The Youth must start on the table and try to climb their way underneath it and back on the top of it, going in one direction. The youth will soon catch on to how to get around, so try to use an even bigger table next time.