Birdie on a Perch

This is a great game that is a lot of fun for players and observers. It can really be played anywhere with almost any number of people (well, more than two)

The leader calls out for everyone to get a partner. (this by itself can sometimes be a game…) Then, once everyone has a partner, the leader begins to call out various orders:
“Hand to head!” (one partner then must put their hand on the others head)
“head to head!” (obvious)
“finger to ear!” (usually gets them laughing)
go on giving orders (and obviously use discrection since many partners will be guy/girl)
Then, anytime the leader is ready, he/she yells out “Birdie on a perch!” This means one person must kneel on one knee and have the other knee up; which the partner quickly sits on. The last couple (or last few if you have a huge group) are out and must sit down.
This game gets quick, and fun as the competition rises and observers begin to pick their champions. Every once in a while it is fun to yell “birdie on a perch!”, let them get out and yell “birdie on a perch!” as the FIRST order (catches everybody off guard)
Have fun, this is a great game!