Male Beauty Pageant

All Youth like to get crazy at times and with the “Male Beauty Pageant” they can do just that in a safe and secure atmosphere. The way to start is to announce that you are having a Youth lock-in or even a fundraiser. (sell tickets). Get as many “Male” volunteers as you can and instruct them to wear at least a tee shirt and cutoffs. Then assign the girls in teams of two. They can then choose from the list of male volunteers. The girls in teams of two then have about one hour to make their male volunteer as beautiful as possible. They can use makeup, dresses nylons, wigs, ( the works) . Then you can proceed in a number of ways. Last year we had a board of judges (The pastors wife was one of them) and the contestants walked down the runway and were judged according to overall beauty, talent and most memorable.
(We laughed until it hurt) This year we are combining it with a dinner fundraiser where the contestants will wait on the tables and the guests will be the judges. Don’t forget to video tape this for later. The Youth will want to see it over and over.