Needed: 2 Trash cans and foam bricks (Our group got ours at Home Depot) and 6 orange cones

Prep: Break into teams, and then have bricks spread out in the middle of a field. Place cones in front of trash cans (a foots length away, position may vary). The cones are the boundary markers. Also have 2 cones lined up as midfield line.

Rules: Have both teams lined up behind trash cans before u yell go or blow a whistle. Players can only grab one brick at a time. No hiding bricks in pockets only behind the back. You can have no passing or passing backwards, (or forward if u want.) There are no goalies in this game… no guarding of the trash cans at all. Players either score or get tagged (When a player is tagged by opposing team, the tagged player goes all drops the brick where he/she was tagged and goes all the way back to the starting position. Then can go and try and score again). Each time a player is tagged the brick is dropped and they must go to starting position. Players can not cross boundary line to score, if someone crosses the line and scores a brick is taken out (No Point) The game is played till all bricks are scored or can be played timed.

Game History: I kinda came up with this game on the spot….Invented it I, I think. LOL The game is pretty fun and can wear some people out…. and can get a little rough, accidents have happened when my youth group has played. So hope you enjoy and be careful!