Armor of God – Silly Version

When teaching Kids about the Armor of God, it’s always good to use an illustration. My fiancé and I try to take a less traditional approach on Bible lessons, so they children don’t get bored or tune us out because they are so familiar with it. So on this particular lesson we brought in a bunch of old goofy items and had each child wear a different piece or “armor.”
Helmet of Salvation: crazy “cat in the hat” type hat with wild colors and stripes (then we taped a cross on it)
Breast plate of Righteousness: an old velvet vest turned around (so the buttons are in the back) with a cross tapped on it
Shield of Faith: a large pillow (a sham works better so they can put their arm inside to hold it more like a shield)
Belt of Truth: an old “cowboy belt” w/ a large buckle
“Feet fitted w/ the Gospel of truth”: Large house shoes
Sword of the Spirit: a large roll from wrapping paper and a paper towel roll that we cut and glued and made into the form of a sword.
Afterwards the children went into the main sanctuary and told the adults what each piece meant. It was not only a chance for the kids to learn and have fun, but also for the adults to see what their children were doing.