Hose-Head Wrestling

In this wonderful game you need at least 2 pairs of panty hose, and 2 tennis balls. This game is a free-for-all, so instruct youth to come up with silly Wrestling names. Then select two opponents to start out with (a fun thing to do would be to have a youth leader or leaders demonstrate this for the first time), the opponents take a tennis ball and put it in the end of the pantyhose leg, and then put the other end completely over their head, so that each has an ear and a covered face. Then they swing the tennis ball around in circles with their head, no hands can be used, and try to entangle the opponents tennis ball and pull off their pantyhose from their head. The one who loses the match is the one who loses his “mask”. The winner can stay in or you can have a “round-robin” type tournament. Great fun for all size groups! Can be played indoor in a large open area, but be careful.