Charade Telephone

Ok, think Who’s Line is it Anyway? Select a group of 6 teens to line up shoulder to shoulder. Have them face the rest of the group. What we do is put up something that must be acted out on our TV screens that the audience can see and that the 1st person is allowed to then look at (the rest of the kids CANNOT peek!). Whatever is on the screen is what the 1st kid must act out without talking. Now make the kids all face to one side of the room so they cannot see the person behind them (they are looking at the back of the person in front of them).

The 1st kid now taps the shoulder of the person in front of him/her so that they turn around. Whatever was on the screen is acted out and 2nd teen must interpret what it is as best they can. When they think they got it, that turn around and tap the person in front of them. Etc Etc til it gets to the end person.

What happens is wacky wild charades that change throughout the course of the game. The last person must guess what they think was on the screen. I usually have the rest try to guess as well and then let them know all together. Much laughter from the audience from this one. The more creative the ‘clues’ or ‘guesses’ the better.

Ones that have worked for us – “A Rabbit playing baseball,” “Cutting someone’s hair…on a rollercoaster,” and my personal favorite “Jack Sparrow as Spiderman.”