Jeff Wilson

Dodge the Inner Tube

Set up a play area into 3 sections. Two parallel lines approximately 20 feet apart. Everyone in the middle, in the area between the two lines. Two other people (1 on each side of the other lines) begin rolling the inner tube back and forth to one another, through the middle area. As each child is hit by the inner tube, they are not out of the game, they simply join the other team in rolling the inner tube to tag the others.
The faster the inner tube is rolled back and forth, the more fun we have.

Ice Bowling

This is a cross between bowling and curling and the kids have an absolute blast. A great winter game for any age.
We use a local outdoor ice skating rink, which is a flooded baseball diamond. This can be played anywhere you can make some ice on the ground during winter. You could also use an indoor skating rink if you ask permission from the management.
Fill a gallon milk jug with water and place it in the freezer or place it outside to freeze, if it is cold enough.
We put plastic bowling pins on home plate and line up on 2nd base. We take turns standng still and sliding the frozen milk jug at the bowling pins. It really slides a long, long way. We keep score just like bowling.
Be sure and serve hot chocolate after the game. This is great for all ages (even adults 🙂

[Ed. Note: Try freezing some more jugs for Ice Curling!]