God is the Most Powerful 409 Cleaner

I was having some trouble reaching my boys during our weekly bible study and suddingly, this hit me. It showed the kids how we need Jesus to solve our problems and made a great impact.

What you need:
A plate of glass (I used 2’x2′)
A hammer
A permanent marker
A bottle of Windex/409
A rag

First I had the kids think of all the possible sins they could and write them on the glass with the permanent marker (it’s important to stress they don’t have to be a sin they’re struggling with as it causes embarrassment). Then I had one of the kids try to wipe them off themselves with the Windex and 409 and the rag. When they didn’t work, I brought out the hammer (Jesus). I had all the kids back away and showed them how Jesus cleansed us of our sins when He died on the cross. This really drove the point home that we can’t do it on our own. Wakes up the sleepy youth too! Just be careful to clean up right after so no one gets hurt!