Jason McKinney

CSI – A Variant of Clue

This idea takes the idea of live Clue (also listed on EGAD Ideas) and adds a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) feel. The game need not even be adapted other than how the teens are approached (I met teenagers outside at the beginning of the night and explained that a crime had been committed: someone stole the Christmas tree).

Of course the idea can be taken further and instead of naming suspects for instance, clues could describe the “perpetrator’s” shoe size or hair color. The sheet provided to each student/team could then list suspects and traits of each suspect.

Musical ConnectFour

The ever-popular idea of having teens (or anyone really) guess the name of a song, but taking it a step further competitively. This setup works particularly well for a small group divided into two teams, each with a spokesman or captain to speak for the team.

In our case, we loaded a lot of very random tunes onto an iPod. Depending on the piece, they had to guess song title, musician, or source (though which was needed was specified before each round).

The team competed in ConnectFour. The first team to name a song correctly was allowed to place one ConnectFour piece. The game was played until one team placed four pieces in a row.

In our case, the idea of recognizing songs was a springboard to how we are able to be recognized as believers.