Youth Group Valentine’s

Each year I like to surprise the kids in my youth group with a Valentine’s treat. For each student in the program, I deliver a rose to their school with a card that reads…
I Love You today and every day of the year!
Love, GOD
(and his team at GFC- our youth group’s name)
I call all the schools ahead of time and make sure I can bring the roses to their main offices. I ask the schools to call down the students to the office to pick up their rose at the end of the day. And I always bring some roses for the secretaries who make all those announcements for me! The kids love feeling special and sometimes this even serves as a great witness in the school. Once, an unchurched student remarked to one of our youth grouppers, ‘Oh you go to that youth group where God loves you!’ 😉 Just a few more tips: call the florist one day in advance so they can wrap enough single roses with ribbon, etc. Also, I find that parents are happy to take some roses to the schools for you, as long as the card to the students are already written out, and as long as you call the school ahead of time. Good luck with this one!