Shannon Gunter


There was a crime committed. Make it as real and convincing as possible. For example, tell the youth that $220 was stolen from the pastor’s office. Everyone else in the group has had a convincing alibi except for Patricia and Maria who were together at the time of the theft. They have 5 min outside the room to come up with an alibi. They can write down whatever they want. Meanwhile, the rest of the group will be policemen. They will devise some questions to ask both Patricia and Maria in order to stump them and create inconsistent alibis. Each person will be questioned separately. Depending upon how through they were during their 5 minutes outside, the group, after questioning them, will declare them guilty or innocent.

Alphabet Game

Fill a cup with strips of paper, each with a funny sentence written on it. Each sentence must start with a different letter of the alphabet. (Aardvarks sure do look tasty. Boy do you look terrible! …) Fill another cup with numbers. Everyone picks a number. The two people who picked the 1 and 2 go first. “One” picks out a slip of paper and reads it. Two must respond with a sentence that starts with the next letter of the alphabet AND makes sense. For example, P1 “Stop! You have a turtle on your shoulder.” P2 “That turtle is my pet.” P1 “Under what circumstances should you have such a strange pet?”… The first person who either responds with a sentence that does not start with the following letter of the alphabet or who can’t come up with a sentence within the time limit (like 10 seconds) loses. Persons 3 and 4 battle one another. When all people have gone, have the winners battle one another. You could also do this with two teams going against one another.

Am I Famous?

Come prepared with papers with famous names of people/characters – whether alive or dead, real of fake — on them. Attach a name to the back of each person. Everyone walks around trying to find out who they are (i.e. the name that is on their back). To do this, you can ask anyone else questions, but they can ONLY be yes/no questions. If you find out who you are, you can leave the circle.

Blind Meal

Two people sit in chairs facing each other. One person is blindfolded. He must feed the person across from him a jar of baby food, applesauce, ice cream, or something else semi-liquid. The person getting fed directs the blindfolded feeder, OR the group around them directs the blindfolded person and the person being fed must remain silent. This is a race between two teams to finish off the food item first.

Bottle Guzzling

Get three volunteers. Each person gets a small baby bottle filled with milk. The person to drink the most in 5 minutes wins. It’s a lot harder than I thought!

Family Confusion

Lay out 4 chairs, each with a person’s name on it. Have 4 people sit in those chairs. Read a story that mentions those 4 names very frequently. Whenever you say the name on a person’s chair, that person must stand up and sit down. If the person fails to do so, a different person (not currently playing) gets that person’s chair. Whenever you say, “family,” the four people must stand up, run around the chairs and sit in a different seat. If someone is left with only their previous seat open, they must sit down and someone not playing gets that seat. Continue the story.

Fast Guns To Dissolve

Get as many pairs as you want. One person holds and Alka-Seltzer on his forehead. The other person stands behind a line with a water gun. Try to be the first pair to totally dissolve the tablet.

Feely Guessy

Divide everyone into four groups. Have a paper bag for each team. In those paper bags should be a bunch of really odd objects (that white table-looking thing from the pizza box, a pacifier, salad tongs, etc.). Each bag should contain different objects. Blindfold the first team. The leader hands the first object to the first person who feels it and passes it on to every member. They must try to guess what the objects are by feeling them. The group must agree what they think it is. Then pull out the second item… After they finish, show them the items and have the next team do the same thing.

I Have

Everyone starts with 6 pieces of wrapped candy. Player One puts a piece of candy into the middle of the group and call out something he has done that he thinks no one else in the group has done. “I have ridden on a camel.” If no one has done what he’s done (no one’s ever ridden a camel), then he takes back his piece of candy and any other pieces of candy that are in the middle. If someone else has done this thing he called out (Someone else has ridden a camel), then he leaves his candy piece in the middle and the next person calls out something unique that she’s done. Continue around the circle a few times. This can also be done with things you’ve never done that you think everyone else has done. (“I’ve never flown in an airplane.”)

Ice Cream Sundae

One person lays on ground with a cup in his mouth. Another person stands above him on a chair. Object is to make the nicest ice cream sundae through dropping the stuff into the cup. Ingredients: 1 scoop ice cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, a cherry.

Mystery Treat Bag

Fill up 2 large paper bags with “treats.” Each bag must have the same stuff. Have both good and bad stuff (ideas: a bag of chips, a candy bar, a large carrot, packed sardines, a packet of crackers, an apple, a jar of baby food, some caramels, prune juice, etc.). One person sits in the team chair. The other person stands behind him and “blindly” grabs an item from the bag. He must feed the person sitting in the chair (while still standing behind the person in the chair). When the person is finished with the food item, the “feeder” sits in the chair and the person next in line pulls another item from the bag. This continues until all the items are finished from the bag. The first team to finish all the items wins.

Name that Verse

Are you old enough to remember “Name that Tune?” This is like the TV show, only with scripture verses. 2 teams battle with 2 people at a time. They go back and forth deciding who can identify a scripture verse in the least amount of words. “(P1)I can do it in 10 words.” “(P2)Well, I can do it in 7.” “(P1)I can do it in 6.” “(P2) Okay, go ahead.” The leader reads the first 6 words of the verse. If the person can recite the entire verse or name the chapter and verse(s), their team gets a point. If not, the other team gets a point.

Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

Each team receives a list of odds and ends (a paperclip, spork, book, hotdog, purple balloon, bendable straw, piece of bread, flower, penny, etc.). The groups can only go to homes in the neighborhood, and they can only get 1 item/household. Time limit. Whoever gets the most objects from the list wins. This should only be played at churches where the surrounding area is safe, and it should not be done after dark.

Number Crunching

The leader makes a bunch of cards with questions that have numerical answers like “What is the ideal age for a woman to get married? OR How many children do I want? OR How old was I when I stopped wearing diapers? OR What year was my father born? OR What year were my parents married?” Everyone gets a pile of blank paper. One person will pick a paper with a question on it, silently read and answer it for himself – writing the answer on a sheet of paper. He will then read his question out loud to the group. As quickly as possible, they should write down the number they think is correct, and place their answer in a box in the middle of the group. When everyone has submitted a guess, he will read his answer. Whoever turned in the correct answer first gets to be the next person to answer the question. If no one gets it right, the person closest, but still under, wins.

Relay Race 1

Set up five stations in a large circle (like a circle around the church). At each station, there is a sign telling the person what they must do. Each station should be equipped with 2 sets of items (one for each team) – if any are required. The stations can have things like where you sing “I’m a Little Teapot” with the motions, eating a banana, etc. One person from each team goes through all the stations, completing each task, and then tags the hand of the next person on the team who goes through all the stations. The first team to have all the team members finish wins. This will require having supervision at each station to ensure the activity is completed.

Relay Race 2

Each team member is about 20 feet from the other team members. They stand in a line or a circle. P1 runs to the first station. He has to put shorts around his ankles and hop to P2. P2 must take the shorts and put them around her ankles AND peel a banana with her toes and carry the banana to P3 in her mouth. She hops to P3. P3 puts the shorts around his ankles, banana in his mouth, AND peels a hard-boiled egg, which he puts under his arm. He hops to P4…

Sheep Eyeball Relay

Have 2 teams each take off one shoe. Next to each line is an empty bowl. About 30 feet away is a bowl of ice water and 30 grapes. (We told them they were sheep eyeballs, and some of them believed us… but you need to have that type of reputation already established to get away with it.) One by one, each team member runs to the bowl, grabs as many grapes as he can with his toes, and hops back to dump them into their team’s empty bowl. The winner is either the first team to successfully get all the grapes into their bowl or the team to get the most grapes into their bowl.

Sit Down Soccer Drill

Have everyone sit in a circle. There should be 2 chairs per person so that there is an empty chair between each person. Then remove the empty chairs. Put a cone or half-full 2-liter bottle of soda in the middle of the circle. Toss a ball in the middle. It’s half the circle versus the other side. Every time someone from one of the teams knocks over the cone with the ball, their team gets a point. If someone from the team kicks the ball out of the circle between one of the chairs on the opposing team’s side BELOW the seat level of the chair, the team gets a point. Everyone must stay seated in their own chair at all times. If the ball ever hits someone at or above their waist, the team that was hit gets 15 points. In other words, people are not to kick the ball high in the air. The first team to score 20 points wins.

Sock Wrestling

Make a square on the floor with tape. Everyone has on one sock. They all crawl around on their hands and knees and try to pull the socks off of other people while keeping their sock on. If someone pulls your sock off, you’re out. You’re not allowed to leave the square. *Be sure to bring a few extra pairs of socks for those who come in sandals.
This is one of my group’s favorite activities, though it can get rough. Make sure to tell them that using their finger nails is out! My husband still has some scars.

Spitin’ Fun

2 teams in a line. Each team has an empty bottle next to them. One at a time (per team), they must run to a bottle that’s full of soda about 20 feet away. They fill their mouth with as much soda as possible (using a straw if germs are a concern), run back to their empty bottle, slap the next person’s hand, and spit the soda into the empty bottle. Meanwhile, another person from their team is running to fill their mouth with soda. Objective: transport drink from full bottle to empty bottle. First team to fill up empty bottle to a certain line wins.