Catch the Bacon

-a piece of cardboard 1 foot long by 2 inches wide

Wrap the cardboard with duct tape all the way around-make sure there’s enough so that the “bacon” is semi-soft and easy to throw, once you get the “bacon” about 3 inches in diameter it’s good.

At least 2 teams: we always play with 2, but if you’re really crazy, you may want to play with 3 or 4. Make sure your teams are as even as possible.

Play: Number each kid on the team, the ending result is that each team will have a number 1 kid, a number 2 kid, etc…
The leader is not on any team and they have the bacon to start out with. The leader will throw the bacon as far as they can and call out various numbers while they throw. The kids whose number is called must run out to get the bacon and bring it back to their team. You can call out 1 number or more. Only the people whose number was called can run and retrieve the bacon. But there’s a catch-if you grab the bacon and start running back to your side and someone from the other team tags you, you have to drop the bacon. You still have a chance at it. But you have to let it hit the ground. This game is so awesome. I guarantee you’ll have a great time.
Note: when calling out numbers you can call 5 through 7 or 1,2,3,and 8. Or even everyone. There’s no set number of people that are supposed to run after the bacon.
Also when throwing the bacon, you can fake the kids out and drop it in front of you. just make sure you get out of the way if you do that.