Hayley McGibbon

Flower Delivery!

Check with a Senior’s Home beforehand to see if they would mind your group coming to deliver flowers, and then find a flower shop who would be willing to donate a number of flowers (we used carnations). Organize to have the flowers delivered to the Home, either you pick them up or the flower shop might deliver them for you. Have everyone in your group help you to make little tags that have a Christian message on them, and perhaps your group’s name, (for instance our school’s Christian group did this, we stamped a little card with a bear, coloured him in, and wrote “God Bless, from Students With A Testimony”) It works well and you can bring a wonderful smile to their faces!

Gift Giving!

We were looking for something to do for our Christian group at school, when we had the idea to go and visit some of the kids at our local hospital. So, as a group we are busy collecting fun little gifts for the kids, including candies, glow-in-the-dark stars, funky cups, etc. Then, we’ll all go over to the hospital and deliver the gifts to the kids. We will also take along a bag of smiley-face balloons, and then the kids can pick their fav. colour, and we’ll blow them up for them and stick them in their rooms :o) Definitely an afternoon (or morning!) filled with tons of fun! And an AWESOME way to develop servant hearts!