Wizard! Rock, Paper, Scissors x 10

This is an awesome game!!! It’s like Rock, Paper, Scissors using your whole body. One of the youth group kids actually brought it to us. There is a little bit of running but it can still be played indoors.

Divide the group into 2 teams. Explain to them that istead of using their hands they will be using your whole body. The actions are:

Wizard (do this by lifting one leg up, and pointing your hands in a wizarding pose, the leader can make it up themselves before hand, just make sure everyone does the same thing)

Next is Giant (Do this by making yourself as big as you can, spread your legs out and raising your arms up over your head)

Next is Dwarf (try to make yourself as small as you can crouch down into a ball)

So explain to the kids that Wizard beats Giants, Giants beat Dwarves, and Dwarves beat Wizards.

They now go to opposite sides of the room against a wall. They have to huddle in their teams and decide what they will be first and then what their back up will be if there is a tie (teams must decide together, and they must all be the same thing). when the leader says so, both teams walk to the center of the room about a foot away from the other team. When the leader says go both teams do thier action: Wizard, Giant, or Dwarf.

Once one team has realized that they have won, they try to tag the other team members before they reach the wall. Consequently if you relaize you have lost you try to run back to the safety of your wall.
If a person is caught by an opposing team then they go back with them to the opposite side.

If there is a tie, meaning if both teams do the same action, they immediatly go into their back up action.

Have Fun!