Dig It!

Utilizing Luke 8:1-15, illustrate the parable of the sower and the seeds. Start the lesson by giving each youth some real seeds. You may allow 1 or 2 to have a shovel or set of posthole diggers. Lead the group outside and tell about the first spot the sower sowed seeds. Then on a solid pathway (sidewalk, etc.). let a digger attempt to dig a hole and ask 2-3 youth to plant their seeds. Ask youth what will probably happen to the seeds. Explain this as the Bible explains and that the seed represents the Word of God. “The question today is, is your heart like this soil?” Move to a rocky area and repeat the process, then to a weedy area, then to a fertile area still repeating the process of actions. At the end, ask all to bow for prayer and for God to reveal to them the type of soil they really are. Most youth seem to be in the weedy soil, where the worries of this world choke them out. May close in popcorn prayer if desired.