Jelly Belly Fear Factor

Go to and find Botts beans. You can purchase a Box of ‘beans’ in an assortment of 10 with about 12 to 15 beans in each catagory. You may be able to find them locally, sometimes known as Harry Potter Jelly Bellies. Divide up into even teams, about 4 teams total, but can vary. Number each member of the team, and they rotate in order. #1 of each team sits in a row in the front. They must close their eyes and tilt their head back with their mouths open. A bean (same type each round) is placed in their mouths and they have 60 sec to write down the flavor, in secret. When all have written their guess: Give two points for a correct answer, one point if they need a clue (made up beforehand), and one point if they swallow. Then it’s #2’s turn, etc.
The beans come in an assortment of flavors: sardine, earthworm, spaghetti, dirt, grass, earwax, booger, vomit, etc. (Who taste-tested till they got the flavor right, I don’t know. Also, how do you decide what earthworm tastes like?)
The faces are great. You can throw in a few ringers like real Jelly Belly flavors like hotbuttered popcorn. We also had Gummi-Worms in a slimy mixture for extra points.
When we were done a lot came forward to try out some of the flavors, so it’s not as gross as you think. Feel free to add variation, but the beans work best as your foundation. The flavor is best determined in the first 2 chews by smelling their breath.