Deep Sea Diving

Supplies for each team (of over 5 people):
a.) Garbage can full (I mean full) of water
b.) empty bucket
c.) timer or stopwatch
d.) a measuring cup
The object is to be the team that holds their breath the longest AND gets the most water in the bucket. Time starts and the first team member puts their head fully underwater for as long as possible. Once they are done, they immediately move over and try and ring as much of the water from their hair into the bucket. Also, when they’re done, then next team member in line needs to step up to the can right away (so you can just keep the watch running to keep track of time underwater).
HINT: Most people don’t have trouble running out of oxygen, but having to much CO2; if a person exhales a bit while underwater, they can last longer. When the whole team has had a chance to hold their breath and to strain water from their hair into the bucket, stop the watch and measure how many ounces of water are in the “hair bucket.” Take the total time and multiply it by how many ounces of hair water there is (total time x total ounces = final score).