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Shopping Cart Hockey

My kids love this game…it is kind of like steal the bacon and hockey. You have two teams but instead of giving each person a number you have each kid partner up with someone on their team and give the pair a number.(so two people are the same number on each team). In the middle of the room you have 4 shopping carts and 4 hockey sticks set up. When you call the number (it works best to call two at a time) one person in the pair gets in the cart with the stick and the other pushes them around and tries to hit a ball into the opposing team’s net. Whoever scores first gets the point.

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Coke Relay

It is super simple but the kids loved it. Have about 3-4 teams, depending on the size of your group. At one end of the room is a 2 litre bottle of Coke (one for each team), at the other is an empty pitcher (also one for each team). The goal is to get the most Coke into the pitcher in the time limit. Two kids have to pull one across the room on a rug or sheet and the kid that rides across has to get as much as he can in his mouth then get pulled back and spit it in the pitcher.

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