Bible Tic Tac Toe

This game is played just like the childhood favorite. Use masking tape to make a large tic tac toe board on the floor. Divide the children into two groups. To differentiate between the X’s and the O’s, you can use those adhesive hole reinforcers to place on the O team’s foreheads. Ask biblical questions that you have prepared beforehand (I like to put the questions on strips of paper in a bag so I can pull them out randomly.) The children can work as a team to answer the questions but once they take their place on the Tic-tac-toe board, they can’t help their team. Just as in the game, the team that gets three in a row wins! Questions that neither team is able to answer will give you an idea of what you need to teach or review for the next Sunday school class! The difficulty of the questions will depend upon the age and knowledge of your group. The teamwork allows visitors who may not be familiar with the Bible to participate.