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The Story Game

To play this game, select 3 volunteers and tell them that the rest of the group is going to make up a story and they will try to guess it. Those 3 people have to leave the room while they make it up. Then explain to the rest of the group how it is played:
One of the 3 people will come into the room. They will start asking questions to figure out what the story is. If the question they ask ends in a vowel, everyone responds “yes.” If the questions ends in a consonant, everyones says, “no.” and if the question ends with a Y, everyone says, “maybe.” There really is no story, so the people are making it up. When the first person gives up, let the next person come in, but don’t tell them what the first person found out. And when the second person is tired of it, the third person comes in, but don’t tell them what the second person found out. When the third person is tired of it, you tell them what’s really going on. This is a really funny game and a fun way to discover people’s personalities 🙂

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