This is a great game to play in the rain or a muddy field. DO NOT attempt to play this game on cement or rocky surfaces (please).

Things you will need:
4 Cone Markers
Lots of inner-tubes, at least 15 or so. Preferably the large truck or tractor size, its best if they are NOT inflated (so old popped ones work great).
Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

-Start off by marking off a large square area with the cones. (Size can vary with the size of your group)
-Next, divide your group into 2-4 even teams, assigning one team to each of the four sides.
-Finally, give each person on a team a number so each team has one person with the same number as another team. EXAMPLE: Each team has a 1,2,3,4-10 ect.
-Now pile the tubes in the center of the square.

Designate a Caller (a leader) to call out numbers. You can call just one number at a time, or call more then one at a time. If you’re feeling dangerous, call all the numbers at once. Never hesitate to add more numbers if the round is taking to long. More people = More excitement.

The object of the game is for each team to try and recover as many tubes from the center as possible. You can do this by bringing a tube back over your starting line (or your teams side of the square), players CANNOT throw the tubes to accomplish this. Once over, the tube cannot be stolen and counts as one point for that team. Players can take as many tubes as they want at once, but the other teams don’t have to just sit back and watch. You are allowed to grab tubes from other people, but the ‘play’ always has to be for the tube, and not directly at the other person. (In other words, you CANT put some one in a head lock to get their tubes, but you CAN try to pull the tubes out of their arms.) The round ends, when there are no tubes left inside the square.

This game has always been a huge hit at our camp, but be careful as things can easily get rough with people tackling (which is not allowed) and slipping in the mud. Always have a first aid kid handy and enjoy the fun.